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How to Make it Through the Weekend

15 April 2013

It has been another long work week. You deserve some rest and relaxation, but you don’t have the luxury of time. You can take a quick vacation by scheduling a weekend getaway using your Premium Elite membership. We offer many privileges; you can mix them up and match ... Read More

Experience Great Accommodations with Premium Elite

07 March 2013

Joining Premium Elite does not only make it possible to enjoy complimentary dining, but also considerable discounts concerning hotel accommodations. Why settle for something less when you can stay with us? With a membership on hand, you can easily bask in any of our elegant and well-appointed Hilton Guest ... Read More

Eat the Best for Less: Why Foodies Join Dining Clubs

04 February 2013

Foodies don’t just like food; they’re passionate about it. Just as a studious student will have a thirst for knowledge, a foodie wants to learn about food. Generally, you have to know what you like, why you like it, and where the best dining places are. In ... Read More