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How to Make it Through the Weekend

15 April 2013

It has been another long work week. You deserve some rest and relaxation, treat but you don’t have the luxury of time. You can take a quick vacation by scheduling a weekend getaway using your Premium Elite membership. We offer many privileges; you can mix them up and match them together to create your own itinerary.

Here are different kinds of weekends you may enjoy with a Premium Elite membership:

For the Fancy Foodie

Take a break from stressful work and a constricting diet and spend a weekend tasting the best food London has to offer. Sample an authentic British breakfast at Podium Restaurant & Bar before heading over to famed Galvin at Windows for lunch. Spend a happy hour (and more!) at Trader Vics, help enjoying the unique Polynesian cuisine as you down drink after drink of the famous Mai Tai.

Rest and Relaxation

Spend the weekend in, ordering room service from accommodations at the London Hilton. Premium Elite members can have their choice of rooms from the fifth to eleventh floor with guaranteed stunning views of the city. Take a trip to the Purity Spa and relax in style. With the 15% membership discount, you can afford beautifying and relaxing treatments from your head down to your toes.

For Party People

Exercise your social muscles and party with London’s elite at Pop Bar and Rockwell Bar. Enjoy drinks at half price during Privilege Hour and wind down in your Trafalgar Hotel accommodations. We offer other privileges at hip restaurants with different world cuisines.

What are you waiting for? A membership is like a key to the most luxurious, high-end, and stylish amenities in the city. You don’t have to spend much to enjoy a fulfilling weekend. Join the club, contact us by calling 020 7208 4027. Browse through this website for more perks!